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Task and Product

How will you demonstrate your learning?

Once you have completed your research and come up with your plan, you will decide how you would want to present it to the "powers that be" to convince them to implement your ideas - this is your product!  Your product can be one of the following or something else of your choosing.  Be sure to get your teacher's permission for the product that you choose before starting.

A Powerpoint or Prezi Presentation

Organize your research and proposal into an outline of between 5-10 main topics.  Find images, videos, and graphs that relates to your information and create a well-organized presentation slideshow or Prezi.  Be sure to list all resources that you used on a reference slide at the end of your presentation.

An essay

Use your research to develop a position statement for your proposal.  Write a well-organized three-part essay that explains your proposal (position) and uses evidence from your research to support your position.  Be sure to use TBEAR structure for your body paragraphs.

A letter addressed to The President or Members of Congress

Compose a formal business letter to a government official explaining your proposal.  Use your research to support your proposal and be specific about what policies you think should be enacted in order to make your proposal a reality.

A video or advertisement

Organize your research and proposal into an outline of between 5-10 main topics.  Create a storyboard for your video that presents the main topics through visual images, live video, and dialogue.  Film your video using available tools which may include a cell phone camera, screencasting software, MS Moviemaker, or other video creation and editing resources.  Be sure to list all resources that you used in the credits at the end of the video.


Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint Presentation

Essay or Letter

Essay or Letter