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Project Rubric


Approaching Standard (AS)

Meets Standard (MS)

Exceeds Standard (ES)

Knowledge and Information (What)

The information presented in the project demonstrates some learning about the topic, but may be superficial or overly broad.  Information may all have come from one source.  The student can answer some follow-up questions about the topic, but answers are mostly recited from information contained in the project.

The information presented in the project demonstrates learning about the topic from several different sources.  The student can answer follow-up questions with new information or can elaborate on information from the project with greater detail.  Some amount of reflection is evident.

The information presented in the project demonstrates deep learning about the topic from a variety of sources.  The student can answer follow-up questions with expertise.  Reflection is clearly evident and connections are made between the information and its relevance in the world.

The Product

The choice of medium for the project seems arbitrary or not well-thought out.  The product may be hastily thrown together and/or contains many spelling/grammatical errors.  In the case of a presentation, the information is too dense or too sparse.

The choice of medium is well thought-out and enhances the presentation of information.  Visuals and graphics are used when appropriate to demonstrate concepts.  The information is presented in a meaningful way and is easy to follow.  The product is mostly free from spelling/grammatical errors.

The choice of medium enhances the presentation of information and is engaging.  Visuals and graphics enhance the information and are embedded in a creative way.  The information is presented clearly and is well-organized.  There are no spelling/grammatical errors.

Quantity and Quality

The project represents less than 3 hours of work and/or only the end product is represented without the work that went into it.

The project represents approximately 3 hours of work over time and includes all of the documented work.

The project exceeds 3 hours of time.  All accompanying work is included.  Work and process demonstrate a genuine interest in the topic.