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Auto Mechanics

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Learn a hobby or skill and you'll never be bored again

Auto Mechanics - Beginning


Dave Egolf, Davis Sr. High Autoshop, 10 weeks

Spring, 1st class 4/3

Tu: 7:00-10:00 p.m.
$150 fee/quarter

Students will learn a broad variety of entry level skills in automotive maintenance including engine washing, oil changing, tune-ups, steering and brake systems, electrical systems, and general engine operating theory. This is the class to take if you are looking for an entry level job in the automotive industry or if you simply want to learn more about cars.



Davis Community Folk Orchestra


Judy Leatherman, Martin Luther King High School, 10 weeks

Winter, 1st class 1/10

Spring, 1st class 4/4

Wed: 6:45-8:45 p.m.
$70 fee/quarter

“Music of the folks, by the folks, and for the folks!” Do you have a secret desire to play music with others but don't have time for a major commitment to a performance group?  Does an untouched instrument lurk in your closet and call out to you?  Would you like to improve your music skills in a supportive environment? We are a continuing ensemble group that plays traditional acoustic music from all over the world. The class is friendly and low-key.  Musicians at all skill levels are accommodated, and beginners are welcome.  Most instruments work well with the group, but if your instrument is louder than most contact the instructor prior to registering for the class.



The Magic of Networking: Expanding Your Personal and Professional Network


Colleen Schemrich, Davis Senior High O-4, 8 weeks

Winter, 1st class 1/11

Spring, 1st class 4/5

Th: 6:00-7:00 p.m.

$40 fee/quarter

Employers cite communication and collaboration as the most important soft skills for the 21st century workplace.  In addition, with the advent of social media, many people have lost the art of face to face communication, which can lead to conflict and misunderstandings.  This class will combine lecture and participatory activities to help participants learn and practice effective communication skills that can be used to enhance one’s personal and professional networks. 







French Cooking


Dominique Blanchard, Davis Senior High S-4, 6 weeks

Winter, 1st class 1/25

Th: 6:30-8:30 p.m.

$130 fee/quarter (includes food fee)

French cuisine has been undoubtedly influential in shaping the global culinary panorama. Come find out how you can recreate classic dishes in your own kitchen.  Learning to use simple key principles, we will demystify the traditional elitist stigma of the Fine dining experience. This class will feature fresh, seasonal ingredients and new recipes that were chosen for their ease of execution and superb flavor profile.



Italian Cooking –  Classic Italian recipes


Roberto Proietti, Davis Senior High S-4, 5 weeks

Winter, 1st class 1/10
Spring, 1st class TBD

Wed: 6:45-8:45p

$120 fee/quarter (includes food fee)

If you have never taken any of my classes, this is the right class to join. For this second class in the Winter quarter, we will go back to the classic dishes that make Italian food the best food on Earth.  You will learn how to cook the perfect risotto, how to proper cook and serve a spaghetti dish with meat or seafood sauce, how to make real lasagna and ravioli from scratch, how to prepare eggplant parmigiana, and how to create a perfect Tiramisu'! Vi aspetto.  While some of the recipes may be vegetarian or vegan, most of the recipes will contain pork, beef and fish.



Italian Cooking – Tuscany in Winter


Roberto Proietti, Davis Senior High S-4, 5 weeks

Winter, 1st class 2/14
Spring, 1st class TBD

Wed: 6:45-8:45p

$120 fee/quarter (includes food fee)

This class will teach “100% authentic” dishes that you can find in typical trattoria restaurants in Florence, Siena, Livorno, Pisa and the small villages on the Tuscany hills. For this Winter quarter, we will learn more peasant-inspired recipes like ribollita soup, cured pork belly, torta di ceci e minestra di ceci, gnudi, baccala' (salted cod) alla livornese, zonzelle (fried pizza dough) and cenci o stracci (carnival cookies). A presto!

While some of the recipes may be vegetarian or vegan, most of the recipes will contain pork, beef and fish.



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Folk Orchestra

Folk Orchestra