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Learn English!

Learn English!

Campus Maps

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Davis Senior High School Campus Map

C Street, Room 3


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English as a Second Language

ESL Enrollment Process

ESL classes provide students with an opportunity to increase their use and understanding of everyday American English.  All levels are conversational and include speaking, grammar, listening comprehension, and vocabulary development. 


Students must register in person at the Davis Adult and Community Education Office on the corner of Oak Ave and 14th street. 


Step 1: Register in person at the office.  The student must be present to register.

Step 2: Make an appointment to take the pre-test.

Step 3: Based on pre-test results, student is placed in the correct class.  Students may not choose their own class.

Step 4: Attend class regularly.  Students with 3 or more absences per quarter will be dropped and will have to re-enroll.



Times vary

No fee



Specialty Classes for English Learners

Students may register for these classes in-person or online.

To register online, click here


English Reading & Writing


Kristina Marcy, Davis Senior High, Room O-5, 10 weeks

Winter, 1st class 1/9

Spring, 1st class 4/3

Tu & Th: 6:30-8:00 p.m.

$120 fee/quarter

Students often ask for a class that is focused on literacy skills; that is, reading and writing skills.  This class will provide students with the opportunity to read, discuss and write.  Different styles of writing will be explored.  Students will learn how to edit written work.




ESL Resources and Self-Assessment

Not sure where to start?  Go to USA Learns and take the self-assessment.

USA Learns.jpg

Are you ready for more Advanced English Instruction?

Check out our Specialty English Class at the bottom of the page.


English Reading and Writing



Is there something else that you want to learn?  Let us know!  We are always adding new classes and strive to meet the needs of our clientele.