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Basic Math/Pre-Algebra

Basic Math Topics and Khan Academy

Want learning math to be more like a game?  Try Khan Academy!

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account: Click on “Sign Up” in the upper right-hand corner.  The computers in the lab block some personal email websites (i.e. gmail, yahoo, Hotmail), so it is recommended that you create your account at home or use a mobile device to confirm your email address.
  3. Click on “Subjects” in the upper left and choose
    1. For Basic Math - “Math - 8th Grade” or "Math - Pre-Algebra"
    2. For Algebra – “Algebra”
  4. Click on “Mission Warm-Up”
  5. Try answering the questions or if you have no clue, click on "I haven't learned this yet."  Once you start getting problems wrong, it will assign you concepts to start (Practice) with which will be listed on your homepage.  If it has been a long time since you took math or if you struggle with math, you may have to start with more basic math concepts and work your way up to 8th grade or Pre-Algebra.  If you are working on Algebra, you may need to do a lot of pre-work on basic math concepts in order to be ready for Algebra. 
  6. Under the “Coaches” tab in upper right of your homepage, add yourself to the Davis Adult and Community Education group by using the code: JKM9NN
  7. Begin working through the practice modules – keep track of each module that you complete on your assignment sheet.  Be sure to record the date, the concept (i.e. Multiplying by multiples of 10), and the time spent on your assignment sheet.  Take Cornell notes on videos that you watch.  For Basic Math credits (5), complete ½ of the total modules (Practice) for Pre-Algebra (~70).  In order to complete a module, you must get 5 in a row correct, so it is unwise to just guess.  Use all of the hints given and watch the video if you are still unsure before answering the question in order to get through each challenge as quickly as possible.  For Algebra credits (5), ½ of total  modules (Practice) for Algebra (~90) must be completed that fit under the category of Algebra.  You can check your Progress by clicking on “Progress” at the top of your homepage.  Make sure to select “All Time” in the upper right.  Mastered concepts will have a dark blue square next to them and there is a count of the total mastered concepts at the top of the report.

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